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7 Character Traits that can be developed in children through Sports

7 Character Traits that can be developed in children through Sports
Parents often wonder why their child should play sports in the first place. Amidst the kids who are suffering from injuries, harsh coaches who belittle young athletes and parent brawls, youth sports is often characterized as one full of eating disorders, stress and exhaustion

There are several reasons why participating in sports is good for kids. These can be broadly separated into three categories - fun, fitness and the character. Here are the 7 character traits that can be developed in children through sports
1. Fitness Consciousness
The immediate health effects of youth obesity include high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even Diabetes.

Youth are more likely to become obese adults. That makes them more prone to risk of heart disease, type two diabetes, stroke and several types of cancer and osteoarthritis.
Regular sports can help develop basic coordination and the habit of exercising. This increases the child’s metabolism, and keeps the doctor away for good.

2. Cheerfulness
Fun is more often than not thought of as a superfluous, silly and non-essential of life.
Much like the frosting on a cake it’s expected to be fluffy and delicious but devoid of any nutritional value. It actually rots your teeth. This has led to us dismissing the significance of fun in our lives.

We shouldn't ever do that. It brings joy and happiness to life, reduces stress and enhances creativity. Sports stimulate the fun-loving side of your kid, by releasing Oxytocin, a hormone that’s called the ‘happy drug’. This makes him/her complete and energized. They can focus on any activity, and do so with high levels of enjoyment and fulfillment.

People are the happiest when they are ‘in flow’, i.e they are in sync with themselves. Sports are an area where kids can develop this flow. Youth sports participation also creates life-long friendships and a happy childhood.

3. Resilience
To achieve long term success you need the ability to hang in there, tough it out, persevere and recover from setbacks.

This is a master trait that is critical to succeed in life. The individual with grit approaches life as if it were a marathon. He/she uses stamina to advantage. Disappointment or boredom signal to others that it’s time to change, but the gritty guy stays in course. 
The star performers, the ones who became successful were not always the more ‘talented’ lot, they were the most gritty.

4. Social Intelligence
Being a team-player and being aware of others and being able to read other people’s emotions and connect with them is what social intelligence is. That is how you know how and when to negotiate, collaborate, and compromise.

We all know of introverts and extroverts. However, there’s a middle which shows the highest levels of social intelligence. Sports camps are a great place to learn how to find this common ground with others.

5. Gratitude
Gratitude is the essential feeling of appreciation for what we have.

It’s central to a positive outlook on life. It elevates, energizes, inspires and transforms. People are moved, opened and humbled through expressions of gratitude. This should be showcased to children with effective role models. Sports offers that opportunity.

6. Self-control
The ability to control one’s feelings and impulses and recognize each feeling and manage them is a virtue.

This too is a master trait, and is critical to success. It’s the ability to delay short-term gratification for bigger long-term gifts. This is another way of saying that people who see the big picture, and realize that the current emotion, good or bad, isn’t in the best interest of the individual or the team. As a Captain your child will have to take severe choices, but it will only make him/her stronger.

7. Optimism
This is the ability to see the positivity in situations. It offers oodles of self-confidence and offers a positive outlook on life.

Optimism makes us more receptive and creative. It’s actually shown to broaden our ideas about possibilities, and open our awareness to a wider range of thoughts.
As the world continues to hurtle forward at an incredible pace, expectations from children will also continue to change. In this hustle to achieve success these are some important traits to see developed in our own children. Sports can help in nurturing each of these. 

​- Team Khiladi Connect