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5 Reasons why a school needs a Custom Sports Curriculum

5 Reasons why a school needs a Custom Sports Curriculum
School students need a break from the normal; otherwise they end up with lack of concentration. The best way to do this is by sports.

This is easier said than done. Anyone can participate in sports. However, when choosing a Physical Education program, a school has to choose from different kinds of sports, such as team sports like basketball or individual sports like gymnastics. To add to that, every student finds his favorite kind of sports.

Physical Education programmes help build teamwork and unites the class as a group, leaving cultural or social backgrounds behind. If sport is done on a regular basis, students become fitter and their self-esteem is increased. Most importantly, it’s fun!

Most students don’t have the opportunity to play outside of school, thanks to their coaching classes and other extra-curricular engagements. They’re thankful that sports in schools exist.

While ideally physical education should be on the school curriculum every day, most schools can only squeeze that in only once/twice a week. How do you ensure every child’s metabolism fires up with that one period you get once a week? In the best interest for everyone – students, teachers, and parents, you should opt for a custom sports curriculum.

Here are the 5 big advantages -
1. Greater Efficiency
There is no one-stop solution for your child’s fitness needs.

A custom curriculum is built thinking your child’s age, metabolism rate, diet and obesity levels. It’s also purposely designed for the space and resources available within your departmental facilities.
The awareness of the supply and demand needs delivers better results in the limited time allotted to the physical education period.

2. Personal Attention
The faculty- student ratio is one of the most important things to consider while designing a curriculum.
A custom program often involves breaking the class into smaller groups. That way the instructor can afford a more personalized learning experience for students. Students observe firsthand exactly what they need to do.

3. Better Coaching Expertise
For students to experience the best practices and facilities available, they need a highly skilled professional Coach.

An in-depth custom program ensures the Coach has all the background knowledge he needs. He is always in control of the crowd, and always knows what to do. This avoids confusion on the field and leads to better results on paper, and on the ground.

4. Unique Instructional Methods
The curriculum includes a combination of subject matter-based learning and problem-solving-based systems. No single instructional method can be effectively used throughout the curriculum. Rather, a variety of instructional methods should be utilized based on the content of the particular unit and the desired outcomes.

5. Holistic Development
Students come from varied academic and cultural backgrounds. This makes the experiences one of the most unique for a student.

A custom program looks to strengthen this diversity and reflects on the constantly changing world. This means students recognize each other’s limitations, support diversity, and become better human beings.

All in all, a Custom Sports Curriculum begins by understanding your specific outcomes and goals and works to develop a strategic plan to realize them. This helps tackle conflicts as it’s customized to meet the challenges and needs of your organization. These programmes use educational tools effective in changing behavior and providing key individuals with specific skills necessary for their role and the specific demands necessary for success. This kind of education will facilitate far better communication within your organization and save you a lot of money in the long run.

- Team Khiladi Connect